Energy Demand

Energy Auditing

Energy Auditing is the most critical aspect in developing demand side strategies. This overworked phase, “you can’t manage, what you don’t know’ says it simply enough. But, what is the important data? How much data is too much data? What do you do with all that data? SEPCOR can help you develop an auditing plan, execute the plan and provide clear, useful, implementable strategies derived from this data.

Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)

SEPCOR conducts energy audits to collect data, which will be used to identify facility assets that need to be upgraded, processes improved or new technologies to be installed. Implementing these suggested ECM will improve the comfort of the facility, increase reliability, reduce operating costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Typical ECM’s can include many technologies, some of the typical ECM are:

  • Lighting upgrades, new LED options
  • HVAC and chiller replacements
  • Pumps and Motors, VFD’s
  • Controls
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Service Level, Rate Management

Demand Risk Analysis

SEPCOR can provide third party review and oversight in Demand Risk Analysis. Having an independent and non-biased evaluation can mitigate risk and reduce costly errors that are sometimes overlooked through your internal development process. SEPCOR can help with the execution process that often can reduce the time and expense of a projects installation and the measurement and verification process.