Energy Supply

Energy Procurement

Buying energy from the local utility company or from an Independent Power Provider (IPP, third party) can provide you, the end-user, with many options that are not readily apparent.

If you can only receive service from your Local Distribution Company (LDC), you have several options. First, you can self-generate. Secondly, you may have options on the tariff rate you are being served under, and thirdly, you may have an option of the service level you are receiving. SEPCOR can help you navigate through these alternatives and build a supply side strategy that benefits your organization.

Should you have the option to receive power from a supplier other than the LDC, you have a multitude of additional options. Some of these options can be complex. SEPCOR can help with identify and manage your risk while achieving your budget goals and maintaining a reliable power supply. SEPCOR uses a matrix analysis to help you evaluate the risk/cost equation of supply economics.

Micro Grid Development

One of the newest trends in Energy Supply is the development of a Micro Grid. Micro Grids, are localized grids that can operate independently or can disconnect from the traditional grid to operate and help mitigate grid disturbances and to strengthen grid resilience. They benefit both a customer and the grid as the customer has reliability in the event of a grid outage. A Micro Grid assists the main grid by providing grid resilience and help mitigate grid disturbances because they are able to continue operating while the main grid is down, and they can function as a grid resource for faster system response and recovery.

A Micro Grid can be an island within the LDC and can be designed to either supply power as the primary or the secondary source with back-up and redundancy thus enabling a building, or a campus like facility, the ability to continue operations supplying 100% of its energy requirements. The principals of SEPCOR have developed several of these Micro Grid systems which support highly sensitive and critically important operations.

Power Plant Development

SEPCOR has design, development, build, operate and maintain experience in multiple power plant and renewable technologies. This includes:

  • CHP
  • Micro Grids
  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • SBiomass
  • Biomass

Supply Risk Analysis

SEPCOR can provide third party review and oversight in Supply Risk Analysis. Having an independent and non-biased evaluation can mitigate risk and reduce costly errors that are sometimes overlooked through your internal development process. SEPCOR can help with the internal and external sale process that often times can reduce the time and expense of project development.