SEPCOR provides a full range of Subject ‐ Matter Experts (SME) in all aspects of energy supply and demand side management topics for training programs. We are able to design a class and certification program to train your employees or citizens to manage the complex issues of strategies, generation, efficiency, operations and maintenance of the energy market.


SEPCOR teaches you how to successfully develop a Sustainable Strategy and or an Energy Efficiency Plan for your organization. This training will provide a framework for the trainees to implement a successful plan. Topics such as:

  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Identifying goals and objectives
  • Quantifying and qualifying action items
  • Execution planning


Conceptualization of a generation plan is the beginning of a long process. SEPCOR provides a cradle to grave overview on the components of developing that generation plant. Whether it is a conventional fuel plant, or renewables, SEPCOR has hands on experience that can help you identify and resolve barriers long before they arise. Topics include:

  • Design
  • Program management
  • Finance
  • Build
  • Operations, and
  • Maintain of energy generation projects.


Efficiency is the most cost effective was to reduce energy costs, improve your carbon footprint, and demonstrate lower usage results in a short period of time. SEPCOR will train your people to accomplish these tasks:

  • Training people to conduct audits,
  • Identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)
  • How to use existing energy data effectively
  • Prepare audit reports
  • Develop databases for energy audit information
  • Develop energy efficiency strategies from the audits


You may have the latest energy efficiency equipment installed. The most sophisticated monitoring software available, and not achieve the results you envisioned. SEPCOR will develop on-site facility operations training sessions that can be recorded and used as refreshers and as new employees join your organization.

Teaching your operators what to look for and how to correct deficiencies in their operations can result in up to a 10% reduction in usage and costs in a short period of time.

Additionally, SEPCOR can develop Education and Behavior Modification programs for tenants and employees. These programs normally result in a reduction of 5% in energy usage with no additional capital investments. Teaching the tenants of a facility about their direct impact on energy usage and costs at their facility. This training complements the facility operators training and together provide greater efficiencies.


Training on Maintenance is geared no so much for the facilities people, but for upper management and finance executives who on a regular basis are responsible for developing maintenance plans and budgets. SEPCOR provides training on developing life cycle strategies and looks at the risks and benefits of maintenance decisions.


Mentoring is a comprehensive and intensive program that trains junior energy executives on how to:

  • develop a decision making process
  • successfully implement programs
  • how to manage employees, and
  • how their actions can positively impact the organization.

A mentoring program is a longer term commitment to develop energy executives that will be the next generation leaders of your organization. How will they make decisions in the upcoming years as they face different barriers than you did in your development process?

SEPCOR will work with you to determine where you feel there are short-falls in junior executives and develop a program that addresses these deficiencies and improves their capabilities.